General Members

The ILA or Indian Lenders Association signifies India's progressive lending community, and we are creating awareness among the masses regarding innovative lending. All the members are examined and recognized on the basis of their corporate values and principles.

At the Indian Lenders Association (ILA), we advocate and depict finance-related business organizations' interests by directing peer-to-peer lending. We are making some efforts to contribute to the enormous motive of financial inclusion. Our role is to assist the utmost level of lending in India, servicing a comprehensive range of SME and the growing requirement of consumer borrowers. We want to include you in our directive.

General Members must agree to support the purposes of the Indian Lenders Association and conduct themselves as per the Mission. Following this direction and presenting the ILA logo will differentiate Members from other lenders in the market who are not members, so it creates a trust value, and your borrowers will identify you as a trusted brand.

Indian Lenders Members

Following is list of all the members of the Indian Lenders Association (ILA). To become a new member, please review the membership overview and apply for membership under General Membership for Lenders and Affiliate Membership for Service Providers.